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Counselling Services

ThirdRoad Counselling offers one-on-one in-person or online counselling sessions so you can have a companion, cheerleader, support and guide by your side as you find your own unique way through your transitions.

Women in Transitions: Are Taboos Limiting Your Full Potential?

As a woman, you are continually going through ordinary and extraordinary changes in your life. Often times, regardless of whether these changes are exciting or devastating, they can leave you feeling like you are stuck, confused or struggling.

I refer to these times of change as transitions because they are necessary and inevitable rites of passage that compel you to move from one phase to another. These transitions can become incredible opportunities for growth and expansion, but you have to know how to move through them mindfully.
Beneath the surface, there are common threads present in all womenīs lives that influence the choices we make, and many obstacles - Taboos - can stand in the way of us being able to take steps that are in alignment with our authentic selves. These contemporary taboos are what create blind spots that can prevent you from seeing a “third road” of options or choices available.
Taboos are usually learned in your family system, your community, or may have been inherited because of your gender, social standing, cultural background, or religion. Most of us also donīt experience formal rites of passage anymore in our culture and have not been taught tools to help us move through these times of change. As a result, your health, wellbeing, relationships and your sense of self may suffer. 

Resist or Persist: The Choice is Yours

Transitions involve a wide range of emotions and states that can feel as though they overpower you or weigh you down. It can be deceiving because transitions can be big or small, intended or by surprise, but regardless they have impact. Even chosen change often involves grieving a loss, as well as feeling excited about the next stage. Feelings and states common to women in transitions are:
  • Feeling unfulfilled in our relationships
  • Feeling stuck, discontent, flat, stressed, anxious, resentful
  • Feeling out of balance, overwhelmed, burnt-out
  • Loss of a relationship, friendship or dream
  • Feeling alone, lonely
  • Lack of purpose and passion
  • Feeling unhealthy, becoming sick a lot
  • Unable to make decisions, lack of clarity, direction
  • Feeling like we give more than we receive
  • Low self-esteem, identity crisis, a īDark Night of the Soulī
  • Career changes, career stress, loss of job, promotion
  • Getting married, having children
  • Struggling with sticking to personal goals and commitments
  • Unable to make time for self-care, creative expression
  • Healing betrayal, building trust
  • Struggling with īfitting inī, building community

When going through a difficult period of my life, Christine was there every step of the way offering support to help me navigate my way from a place of darkness to light!
S. K., Vancouver

Allowing Yourself to Grow: The Truth About Possibilities

During every single transition, Taboos and challenges will notoriously rear their heads, whether you are aware of them or not. If you choose well, you can become an empowered change-maker in your own life and a beacon of positive change in your relationships, your family and community. You can create a ripple effect and help change the story for future generations of women worldwide. This isnīt just your responsibility as a woman ­- it is our birthright.
Transitions require a balance of effort and surrender. It can be exhilarating, and it can get messy. Itīs not about being polished, put together and perfect as you grow and shift. Itīs about allowing yourself to shed layers that no longer serve you, and becoming completely real, so that you can grow into the next phase of who are becoming.

On this journey you will gain self-awareness and clarity that will support you in making clear and empowered choices in your life, helping you experience balance, connection, wellbeing, and the freedom of living in alignment with your highest goals and your full, authentic and magnificent self.
The question to ask yourself is this: how badly do you want to learn how to do something different and create a third road of new opportunities and outcomes for yourself?
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