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Transitions as Transformation

Transitioning into a fuller YOU

At the root of every woman in transitions' struggles are limiting beliefs, patterns, and social checkpoints that limit our perspective, options and choices, like the belief that “good women don´t get messy and are always nice” or that “being a sexually expressive woman is bad”. These checkpoints can leave you feeling disconnected and stuck, and moving forward can seem almost impossible.

Combining a broad range of personal and professional experience, tools, skills and expertise, I take a unique and personalized approach to help you untangle what is keeping your stuck, remember the truth of who you are beyond the beliefs that were imposed, and support you in expanding into who YOU really are. Since no two women are the same, no cookie-cutter solution can ever apply to all.

With both of us working collaboratively, you will be in the driver´s seat, choosing the pace and making empowered choices every step of the way. This is key to creating lasting change.

A Recipe For Creating Healthy, Balanced, and Lasting Change

Christine held a safe and compassionate space for us to show up in all our humanness and helped us find our way through crisis and towards growth & healing. We moved from what seemed at times, an impossible situation, to having a deeper connection with ourselves and each other. I am so grateful for Christine's genuine care throughout the sessions and her ability to guide us through our struggles to having a richer life together.
Olivia & Ross, Vancouver

My approach also stands on the foundation of a combination of counselling perspectives. What these are, in my words...

  • Client-centered: Client-centered therapy means that it is important to build trust and rapport with you, and I will work hard at this by being genuine and caring. This also means that you know what is best for you at any given time. My role as your counsellor is to help guide you towards trusting yourself more so that you can make decisions that will serve you well in your life.

  • Integrative perspective is a ´whole-person´ approach, often referred to as “Bind-Body´Spirit”. It is my experience that we are not separate parts, and so exploring and including the Mind (cognitive understanding), Body (somatic experience), and Spirit (intuition, inner-knowing, beliefs) in any growth or healing process is crucial to creating lasting change that counts.

  • Experiential: I very much believe that the way we grow is through experience. It´s important to cognitively understand the “what” and “how” of our struggle, and the intellectual understanding alone cannot help us create the different experience we seek. This means that although we may discuss the past and the future, I´ll invite you to do some of the therapeutic work in the “here and now”. There will be some talking, and at times it may feel helpful to step into more experiential exercises to help move to a place of new insight, experience and understanding. As with everything else we do, you will be in the driver´s seat here, too.

  • Family Systems Therapy is the perspective that part of who we are and how we see ourselves and the world is inherited from our family system of origin, our culture, our ancestry. This means that we may explore your family tree, the stories that come with it, and your family system of beliefs, rules and myths. These inherited beliefs are the Taboos I have referred to that are often unconscious, but have great impact on our choices and decisions. Knowing where we come from helps reveal why we have become who we are and can provide understanding that allows more freedom of choice.

  • Transpersonal is a spiritual, non-religious perspective that takes into account that we are greater than our story, and more than the sum of our parts. It transcends the individual human struggle to incorporate a wider frame of reference. As a transpersonal therapist, I see human beings as having a force inside of us that is continually being called on to expand and grow. Simply put: all of our experiences include opportunities to grow and become who we are meant to be in this lifetime. My work with clients then is to align with this force for growth and to help water that seed.

Remember this: with all of the experience, wisdom, tools and knowledge you have, if you could already have done ´it´ - created the experience you long for - you would have by now. Perhaps now is the time to try something entirely different from everything you have ever tried before?

If you feel ready to take a step towards freeing yourself of the taboos restraining you and unleash your magnificence, contact me to book your free consultation.

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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin
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