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It's Time For Women to Invest in Themselves

One of the most prevalent beliefs, especially in our North American culture, is that to be a “good” woman - whether you're a mother, daughter, caregiver, professional, sister, friend, wife - you must give everything away, put everyone else first, and hold very little back for yourself. You may be a woman who keeps your energy, time and money on tap and in endless supply for those around you, but invest none or little of it in yourself.

Itīs time for women to start shifting toward a healthier balance. Itīs not about giving yourself away versus cutting off from the world. Itīs about finding the third road: considering self and others equally. Itīs about balance, and finding that sweet spot in the middle that allows you to take great care of yourself, and as a result, to take even better care of those you love because your energy and love tank is full.

It's time to realize that giving is beautiful, and martyrdom, toxic.

This is my invitation: Let's get real together, ladies. Letīs drop that measuring stick that no one could ever live up to. Let's debunk the pretense that we have it all together and can do it all alone, that asking for help means being weak. Let's remember that we are worthy of supporting each other. Letīs heal the true Spirit of Sisterhood, the one that is not competitive but unconditionally accepting, inclusive, compassionate, nurturing and forgiving. And let's open up those conversations that have always been Taboo, because those taboos keep us small, and behind them is the road to each of our unleashed and unique magnificence.

Together, let's change the story for future generations of women worldwide by taking a step towards caring for and investing in ourselves. Let this become our new story and our legacy. It is the most important and the only place to start.

I recommend that anyone going through struggles in their life, which letīs face it, is almost everyone, pick up the phone and get help.
Sinead, Vancouver

Christine Butler

Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC 3166)
Head-Office: Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone: (604) 767-4246
Email: info@thirdroadcounselling.com
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