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Online Counselling & Workshops to Help Women In Transitions Live Empowered, Connected, Free and Extraordinary Lives!

"What I want women to know is that within their biology, they have the code for enhancing all of life.
Every time a woman is in her power, she upgrades everyone and everything around her.
When a woman is doing better and she's healthier and happier, she raises me up.
Whenever a woman is healthier and happier, she heals the earth.
The woman's body is a reflection of the earth.
And everything we do to take care of ourselves, to feel pleasure, to be orgasmically joyous, heals the entire planet."

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Imagine what your world would be like if you believed this to be true?
What choices would you make differently?
How would your relationship to others be different?
Your relationship to yourself, your body, your dreams?

ThirdRoad Counselling is a Vancouver-based private practice that offers online transformative counselling and workshops in English and French.

Counselling Services for Women in Transitions

Transitions are rites of passage in our lives. They are inevitable and necessary for you to be fully alive and grow as a human being. The question is not whether you will go though transitions, but how you go through them, and who you will choose be in the middle of these changes.

Offering a unique combination of approaches, from mindfulness based, somatic (body-based), spiritual and intuitive, I see myself as your midwife or companion and guide through the transition you are experiencing. I am here to support you in giving birth to the new you that is yearning to unfold.

You canīt know what you havenīt learned, and you canīt change what you arenīt aware of. To transform your life, you have to take hold and jump in the driverīs seat. And... no matter what you've been taught and believe, you do not need to do this alone.

Counselling available in both French and English

When you are in a difficult place, simply the act of speaking and have someone hear you is invaluable.  Working your way out of such a challenging time is difficult to do alone - investing your time in seeking help from a professional, is investing in you and your happiness.
Sinead, Vancouver

If you or a woman you know are feeling stuck or going through big or small transitions, visit the Counselling Services page to learn more about how to harness your potential for change.
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.
Richard Bach
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